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"If That's You... I Will PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One To Help You Develop An Amazing Relationship With Your Dog, Have A Well Behaved Companion That You Can Take Them Anywhere !"
There Are Only Ever 20 People In The 'The Divine Coaching Program' -  If This Page Is Online Right Now, Then A Few Spots Have Opened Up...
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How To Develop An Amazing Relationship With Their Dog And Enable Them To Have A Well Behaved Companion That They Can Take Anywhere!
I have help thousands of dog owners develop an amazing relationship with their dogs and enable them to have a well behaved companion that they can take anywhere with my Divine coaching program. Learn the divine canine way turn your dog into an amazing companion!

If you get accepted into the 'The Divine Coaching Program', this is how it will work:
Discover How To Get Your Dog To Think And Offer Behaviors For You! 
Here's what your going to get...

Lesson 1 Behavioral Consultation Learn The Canine Code Foundation

In our first online lesson we will teach you the foundation training philosophy and go over any behavior problems you're having and give you training tips on how to fix them

Learn how to increasing your dog's attention, Getting them to think and have fun with your dog without wasting time training the wrong behaviors 

Lesson 2  Outdoor Training

In The 2nd lesson we will meet outdoor! We will start working on our outdoor obedience skills teaching your dog to walk on a leash and pay attention to you outside!

We will make sure you have all the right gear for you to be successful and enjoy walking your dog!

You will start the 30 day training program

Lesson 3  Outdoor Training

In the 3rd lesson we will be working outside on a walk in the neighborhood working on the skills you've been practicing with manners at home and applying them with obedience and teaching you more ways to bond with your dog with tricks!

You will continue on the next week of the 30 day training

Lesson 4  Outdoor Training

All your hard work is paying off and you're seeing great results with your dog paying attention to you outside! We will transfer all the skills that we've been working on inside into obedience on leash outside

You will continue on the next week of the 30 day training

Lesson 5  Outdoor Training

In this training session we will show you how to use all the tools in a training session outdoors in public. You can now start to put it all together into a training session. 

Marker system 
Eye Contact
On your bed

You will continue on the next week of the 30 day training

Lesson 6  Outdoor Training

In this training session we will show you how to use all the tools in a training session outside with another dog as a distraction. Meet in a public setting situation where you are getting real training with real results.

You will finishing up the 30 day training

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'The Divine Coaching Program'
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'Within just a few lessons are dog is already learned so much and so have we.'
'Thanks to our sessions we feel more confident and quick to get our dog where he needs to be'
'Even after the first lesson I felt more confident when I walk my dog and I didn't need to hide anymore and avoid approaching dogs'
A Word Of Warning...
Who This Is For, This is for the dog lover seeking training and knowledge needed to teach their dog and transform their relationship. Take your relationship to the next level and having a stronger bond with their dog!

Who This Is Not For,  someone who is just interest in dog training. It's a commitment to training your dog. If you commit to the program, then you will learn techniques on how get your dog to listen to you, get more focus and attention with your dog!

So, if you're interested in applying to become a member of our special little group, here are the details. 
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Who Is Ricky Jones ?
And Why Should You Want To Join His 'Divine Coaching Program?'

Why Am I Qualified To Share This With You?!

After spending 9+ Years Training Dogs, performing and competing with my dogs traveling around the country, I am committed to giving the best most effective training tips and shortcuts that I know work to other dog owner's, just like you.
  • My Dog Training background includes: Gained my experience becoming a dog trainer by working directly under trainers from the military and law enforcement. I had 2 master trainers. One was a K9 handler who work with our former presidents and the other trainer was founder of Stonehill Kennel and The Director of K-9 Bomb Detection Services for the World Trade Center Recovery Mission (FEMA). 
  • Owner of Divine Canine Solutions LLC Dog Training, which helps dog owners have a well behaved dog inside the house and out in public with online and outdoor dog training programs and  training courses for ambitious dog owners and puppy owners. 
  • ​I’ve helped thousands of dog owner from all around Build a stronger bond and better relationship with their dogs. Getting them to listen to them and be well behaved.
  • ​My dog and I are featured on Marvels, Daredevil (episode 7) 
  • ​Traveled around the country performing with my dogs' Frisbee, dock diving and agility
  • ​5x World finalist competing playing Frisbee with my dogs
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!
✅ One hour training lesson with professional dog trainer.
We will break down and discuss any behavior problem you’re having and set you up with training to fix it. 

✅ You will also get the Divine Canine Way online training program to help you along the way.
✅ It comes with over 30 training videos teaching you how to have manners at home. How to have a well behaved dog outside. Obedience in public

✅ 30 days of training- Daily training exercises to apply with your training
Total Value: $2,250

Normal Price: $1,137

But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only...$170 
Per Lesson
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